2020 Mississippi Health Insurance – Open Enrollment

The Mississippi Health Insurance Exchange is now active! The ACA / Obamacare Open Enrollment is here so all Americans can shop for affordable health insurance.

These year we have three main options available for Mississippi Residents.

ONE: If you Earn Over $230 a week you may be able to collect Obamacare Subsidy. This is when the Federal Government helps pay for your health insurance costs. You can click here to review the Mississippi Health Exchange Plans.

Notice: Many Silver Plans in 2020 are Zero Deductible. Once you enter your basic info you can shop all the plans.

TWO: If your household has a higher income, example, over $49,000 for an individual, $68,000 for a couple, $85,000 for three household members, or a family earning over $100,000 a year, then you may want to shop for Private Health Insurance.

THREE: If you are low income, under $230 a week or already on Medicaid, click here for Low Income assistance.

Once you select an option above, you will be able to explore plans and see if you are eligible for lower deductibles and reduced rates. About 56% of all Mississippi residents can get Federal Money to help pay for their health insurance.

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